By the year 2020, an entire generation will have grown up in a primarily digital world. Computers, the Internet, mobile phones, texting, social networking—all are second nature to them. And their familiarity with technology, reliance on mobile communications, and desire to remain in contact with large networks of family members, friends, business contacts, and others will transform how we work and how we consume. This is the demographic group we call Generation C—the “C” stands for connect, communicate, change. 

What will the world of 2020 look like? In hopes of better understanding the depth of the changes Generation C will bring with it, and of helping leaders in the information and communication technology (ICT) industries, as well as their colleagues in a variety of related industries, think about and prepare for these changes, Strategy& has embarked on a long-term project designed to explore the shape of the world inhabited—and influenced—by Generation C.

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