Accenture have been considering what the future might hold for HR and how companies can exploit this. They have written two reports.

Tapping skills anywhere, anytime

The primary objective of this large-scale research initiative is to develop insights that can be useful to both HR and business executives as they seek to maximise the role of HR as a critical function within an organization. Accenture are exploring how current business trends might reshape the nature of the function — in terms of HR’s mission and mandate, the key activities HR performs, the skill set necessary for HR professionals, the metrics on which to evaluate HR’s performance, and the organisational and governance models that will most effectively help HR maximise its value to the business. Accenture also are examining current best practices in HR, as well as some of the obstacles HR is facing and how to overcome those obstacles in the future.

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The rise of the extended workforce

Accenture suggest that, in order to compete in the future, organisations will need to push talent management beyond the confines of the enterprise wall to include the new extended workforce: a global network of outside contractors, outsourcing partners, vendors, strategic partners and other nontraditional workers. The report argues that, by maximising the potential of both an extended workforce and permanent employees, companies can gain critical advantages — including agility and access to valuable talent.

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