According to Accenture, the global economy hangs in the balance. Economists continue to predict relatively low growth in the developed world over the next five years. Meanwhile, the largest emerging markets have not been able to maintain the astounding growth rates of the previous decade. Yet shareholders appear to see things differently. High expectations for business growth at large global companies are already priced into the market. The gauntlet, then, has been thrown down: to meet expectations, businesses must find ways to continue growing in a world where average growth is lower than pre-downturn highs.

Accenture recently undertook extensive research to understand how companies can achieve high business growth in a slowgrowth economy. The answer lies in recognising how consumer behaviour change is generating significant growth in a wide range of industries. Armed with that knowledge, business leaders can then create the toolkit, mindset and organisational structure that companies need to succeed in meeting expectations—including their own—for rapid growth. Increasingly, as companies learn how to take advantage of the changing behaviors of their customers, they can collectively contribute to overall economic growth wherever they operate; in short, creating a virtuous circle.

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