In this Deloitte report, Emeritus Professor Dexter Dunphy predicts that in the future the “workplace will no longer be defined by an office building but a collection of invisible interactions, aided by technology”. There’s no doubt that as technology improves, teams are more virtual and global, and teleworking gains traction, the role of the ‘office’ will change significantly. For example, advances in cloud computing coupled with the almost universal usage of mobile devices will mean that live data can be accessed by anyone from virtually anywhere and an employee need not be tethered to a single location.

This is not to suggest that the workplace will simply move from an office to the home or cafe, but it does imply that the dominant paradigm of workers being housed within a central building is ripe for change.

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How do you think technology will impact work in the future?  Do you agree that the office will become a thing of the past? Share your thoughts below.

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