This is an important time for the UK’s political parties; with a general election just under a year away, decisions are already being made around policy and strategy which will shape the outcome of the election, the legislative agenda of the next government and, ultimately, the future of our economy and labour market. Our next government will face a number of challenges, arguably none more important than helping to boost productivity to sustain economic growth and competitiveness and enable more wage growth, particularly at the lower end of our economy. Important decisions will also need to be made around public spending, continuing the focus on efficiency while also improving services and policies in a way that benefits both the UK’s businesses and its people.

This is also an important time for the UK’s employers. Our labour market is changing, and employers need to keep pace with the changing world of work and new ways of working if they are to attract, retain and develop the right talent and skills for their organisations. Employees, too, face both challenges and opportunities in today’s workplaces, benefiting from increasing jobs growth and more flexible ways of working, but also thinking about job and income security at the different stages of their working lives, and there is still much to do to support young people looking to take their first step on the jobs ladder. 

At the CIPD our purpose is to champion better work and working lives. Through our research and experience in understanding the shifts and currents in the jobs market, the changing nature of work and the workplace, and the increasing diversity of the workforce, we’ve pulled together our policy recommendations into a manifesto which we believe does this, and encourages the next UK government to do the same.

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