Few things matter more to business success than human capital. The right mix of people, skills, and culture can create competitive advantage for companies, reshape industries, and drive prosperity across regions. As a new generation joins the labour market and employment options evolve in an increasingly global and knowledge-based economy, effective workforce management is a strategic imperative. Opportunities abound in this new environment, for both employers and employees—but so do risks.

Crafting strategies for the 2020 workforce is no small task. As a recent article by INSEAD professor Günter Stahl and colleagues in the MIT Sloan Management Review puts it, “Not only do businesses need to adjust to shifting demographics and workforce preferences, but they must also build new capabilities and revitalise their organisations— all while investing in new technologies, globalising their operations, and contending with new competitors.”

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What changes do you think will be critical to managing the 2020 workforce?  Has your organisation already begun making changes to address the looming talent crisis?  Leave your comments below.

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