The ideas, trends and behaviours that will shape work and workplace in 2030 are already perceptible today. Some are clearly evident whilst others are emerging quietly around us.

It is already evident how game changers such as artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing and the sharing economy are combining to rapidly transform business structure and the way people work.

Providers of commercial buildings and places to work will need to develop new, sometimes counter intuitive, business models and work with partners who understand service and experience in order to compete with emerging workplace competitors. Successful providers will work with tenants to unlock ‘win win’ solutions that reduce occupier costs, increase flexibility, and simultaneously provide enhanced levels of community, amenity and user wellbeing. Cities will have a role to lead and nurture changes that will support the changing landscape of work.

In this study, 220 experts, business leaders and young people from Asia Pacific, Europe and North America shared their views on how these trends will impactbusiness, evolve work practices and continue to revolutionise how, when and where work happens.

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How do you view the workplace of 2030?  Is your business already innovating and transforming the way you work?  Share your comments below.

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