Today, the drive for board diversity is a worldwide phenomenon. The case for expanding board diversity is by now familiar: Draw on the full range of the best available talent to oversee, govern, and advise companies in an era of startling change and unprecedented challenges. Diversity is a key to making boards more acutely attuned, broadly capable, and consistently effective than ever before.  The road to board diversity runs through a complex, ever-changing landscape.

Egon Zehnder has kept close watch on this unfolding story since 2004, when the firm conducted its first European Board Diversity Analysis. Subsequent studies were published in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012. The 2014 study is the first to include a global perspective, focusing specifically on gender diversity, to provide a basis of comparison for the European findings.

The report begins by highlighting key findings from the research, with commentary by a global team of Egon Zehnder consultants who work closely with boards and top executive teams to address diversity challenges in practical, real-world terms. The next section presents a Summary of 2014 Findings with charts highlighting important data for European boards as well as the extended sample covering other regions.

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What is your company doing to help expand board diversity?  Do you think complete gender equality at work will ever be achieved? Share your thoughts using the comments section below.

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