A new report from Deloitte and the University of Oxford has shown that:

  • 35% of existing UK jobs at high risk of replacement in next twenty years, 30% in London
  • 40% of UK jobs are low or no risk, 51% in London
  • Lower-paid jobs over five times more likely to be replaced than higher-paid, almost eight times as likely in London
  • 73% of businesses in London plan to increase headcount overall, with advances in technology requiring new skills and a major shift in job types

Technology, automation and robotics will cause a significant shift in the UK labour market in the next twenty years, with one-third (35%) of existing jobs at risk of being replaced according to research carried out by Deloitte with Carl Benedikt Frey, of the Oxford Martin School, and Michael A Osborne, of the Department of Engineering Science, at the University of Oxford.

Advances in technology will likely see jobs requiring repetitive processing, clerical and support services, replaced with roles requiring digital, management and creative skills. These trends are already well under way.

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