Advances in technology

Since the industrial revolution, advances in technology have seen machines taking the place of humans. The emergence of digital technology has accelerated this process: exponential growth in computing power, combined with a dramatic reduction in cost, has seen technology substituting for labour in ways previously unimaginable. This Deloitte study, using cutting-edge academic techniques and drawing on insights from leading businesses, examines the challenges facing London and the UK over the next two decades. This analysis will help to ensure we continue to build a strong and sustainable economy in the future.

Robots and automation

To understand the potential impact of computers and robots on jobs in the UK, Deloitte has worked with Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne of the Oxford Martin School at Oxford University, to estimate the types and number of jobs at risk from automation. This analysis and the methodology follow a similar 2013 study of US labour markets. We conclude that 35 per cent of today's jobs in the UK and 30 per cent in London are at high risk of disappearing over the next two decades as a result of technology.

There are significant implications for the number and types of jobs at risk. Jobs most at risk from technology are in office and administrative support; sales and services; transportation; construction and extraction; and manufacturing.

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