The aim of the study is to capture the potential productivity benefits of a more widespread ‘work from anywhere’ philosophy, largely driven by technological advances that make it possible to work seamlessly regardless of location i.e. between the office, home, client site, coffee shops, airports etc. Modern day technology allows employees to work remotely, as if in the office, from anywhere, on any device, at any time. This report and the study on which it is based seek to identify the potential impact on UK productivity of more widespread ‘work from anywhere’ practices.

This report is particularly interested in how individuals might utilise their time productively if given the opportunity to ‘work from anywhere’. To obtain a comprehensive picture of individuals who might work remotely within the UK, this report recognises that remote working technologies will have a different impact on people already employed, encouraging them to use their time more productively compared with people who are unemployed or economically inactive, where remote working technology may enable them or increase their willingness to enter the workforce. By accounting for the differences in the working status of individuals across the demographic groups of the UK, this report will demonstrate the range of effects that remote working technology has on different individuals.

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