Unnecessary bureaucracy tarnishes the image of the European Union and is a burden for businesses and citizens. It also hampers economic growth and the creation of new job opportunities. In order to change this, Smart Regulation is the key element for the future EU law-making process: Where it is necessary to regulate, legislation must be designed so as to achieve policy objectives most effectively and at lowest cost to society, citizens and business. Legislation that limits entrepreneurship unnecessarily should be addressed.

While the Commission has made significant progress on cutting red tape and smart regulation, the HLG believes that much more can and must be done. It is essential that the Commission, the other EU institutions and Member States all come forward jointly with an ambitious programme of proposals, targets and mechanisms for eliminating unnecessary and bureaucratic red tape which will strengthen Europe’s capacity to prosper. All protagonists involved in the legislative process need to be more ambitious in reducing regulatory costs, taking into account consumer and employee protection as well as health and environment concerns.

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