Intelligent cars that drive and park themselves. Retail systems that watch where shoppers linger. Home thermostats that detect the owner’s arrival and turn up the heat. In some ways, the future is already here: each of these applications is already up and running, a part of the Internet of Things. What’s changing quickly is the universality of them, the integration and communication among systems like these to create a new paradigm of pervasive computing.

Which companies will provide the hardware, software and services that make these scenarios extensive and real? If the past is an indicator, they may not be the same companies providing them today. We see pervasive computing as a major architectural shift. As in previous shifts, we expect to see the leaderboard reshuffled. The winners in pervasive computing will develop high-value, repeatable solutions at the intersection of mobility, analytics and cloud computing, creating new sources of value from the explosion of data that surrounds us.

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