The quarterly CIPD Labour Market Outlook (LMO) provides a set of forward-looking labour market indicators, highlighting employers’ recruitment, redundancy and pay intentions. The survey is based on responses from 1,037 employers, many of whom are drawn from the CIPD’s membership of around 140,000 HR and development professionals.

The latest report shows that near-term employment prospects remain well above the survey’s historic average. The net employment balance for the fourth quarter of 2015 – which measures the difference between the proportion of employers who expect to increase staff levels and those who expect to decrease staff levels – is +28, slightly below the estimate of +29 in the previous quarter. Confidence continues to be greatest in the private sector (+41) with private services leading the way (+42).

The proportion of employers experiencing recruitment difficulties has increased gradually over the past year across the three major sectors of the UK economy. Hard-to-fill vacancies affect a higher proportion of public sector organisations (65%) than voluntary sector (46%) and private sector employers (45%). Almost half (49%) of employers have hiring difficulties.

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