Winners in the communications industry will be those who can unleash the value of talent in the digital age. Those who can integrate new and traditional workforces, attract a broader network of talent both inside and outside the organisation, reinvent traditional jobs and lead the  transformation to a digital culture. Success isn’t just about geographic expansion, new products, or mergers and acquisitions. It’s about the competitive advantage of your workforce.

Traditional communications service providers are at an unprecedented crossroads. Take one path and there’s growth and success—with providers using their infrastructure and capital to expand into lucrative new businesses. But take the other path and there’s stagnation or decline, out-competed by other players, partners and over-the-top Silicon Valley companies that are re-inventing the end-to-end voice-videodata proposition.

What is the No. 1 factor that will determine success or stagnation? It’s reinventing the talent agenda for the digital era.

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