It is no longer news that smartphones and instant communications are transforming the nature of work and employment. Service providers of all sorts—from computer programmers to translators and writers—can do their work in far-flung places and deliver it instantly to their clients. Entire industries have sprung up, connecting short-term service providers with short-term “employers” looking for a specific service.

To what degree will these trends transform the nature of work by 2030, particularly within corporations? Will entire economies abandon traditional employment patterns in favour of IT enabled short-term service delivery by individual “entrepreneurs”? In the new computer-enabled world of work, in which nearly everyone is a service provider, how will employers ensure the long-term commitment needed to build markets and businesses, and how will they bring out the best in their employees to gain an edge over their competitors?

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Do you agree that these trends identified by the EIU are set to change the nature of work?  What do you think will influence working life in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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