Global organisations today must navigate a "new world of work"—one that requires a dramatic change in strategies for leadership, talent, and human resources.

In this new world of work, the barriers between work and life have been all but eliminated. Employees are "always on"—hyper-connected to their jobs through pervasive mobile technology.

Networking tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Glassdoor enable people to easily monitor the market for new job opportunities. Details about an organisation’s culture are available at the tap of a screen, providing insights about companies to employees and potential employees alike. The balance of power in the employer-employee relationship has shifted—making today’s employees more like customers or partners than subordinates.

Many of today’s employees work in global teams that operate on a 24/7 basis. An increasing number of skilled workers in this new world work on a contingent, part-time, or contract basis, so organisations must now work to integrate them into talent programs. New cognitive technologies are displacing workers and reengineering work, forcing companies to redesign jobs to incorporate new technology solutions.

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