UK workplaces will soon have up to five different generations working together side by side for the very first time. From Traditionalists, born before 1945, to the incoming Generation 2020s, born after 1997, people from 17 to 70+ will be working in the same organisations and collaborating in the same teams. Managers will be faced with the challenge of leading staff from across these five different generations in a dynamic, fast-moving and challenging work environment.

We’re also heading towards a serious talent and skills shortage in a number of sectors. The number of young people coming into the workforce is insufficient to meet the needs of the future, while the number of older people remaining in work for longer periods grows with the abolition of the default retirement age (DRA) – around 90% of the current workforce will still be in work in the next decade. If the demand for new, skilled and educated talent will outstrip supply by 2020 in the UK and many parts of the world, are older workers a potentially untapped source of future labour – the nation’s hidden talent pool?

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Do you think that older workers can bridge the leadership skills gap? Are they really the nation's hidden talent pool? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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