This report from Unwork and JLL sets out a roadmap for how technological and organisational drivers of change will disrupt workplace and real estate strategies between now and 2030. 

Self-driving cars, robotic helpers and virtual reality headsets: technologies once reserved for futuristic fiction and film are working their way into everyday life. But it’s just the beginning.
Technology is advancing at an exponential pace, delivering innovations that will fundamentally transform the lives of consumers and operations of businesses. These specific innovations are just the tip of the iceberg; the iceberg in this case being a new digital ecosystem. Stitched together by clever software, this ecosystem is delivering new products and services seamlessly into our lives and, simultaneously, producing more data than the world has ever seen.

As with other periods of history that coincided with incredible technological progress – the industrial revolution and the birth of the Internet, for example—the next few years will present businesses with powerful challenges and opportunities. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and neuromorphic computing will enable companies to reinvent their business models and unlock new sources of growth. The competitive landscape across all industries will become more unpredictable as a result. Already, industry incumbents in all sectors face the threat of digital disruption from new entrants who are leveraging inexpensive technology platforms to build, market and distribute new products and services.

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