This report from the Institute of Public Policy Research sets out five trends that will drive change in Britain in the 2020s.

Brexit is the firing gun on a decade of disruption. As the UK negotiates its new place in the world, an accelerating wave of economic, social and technological change will reshape the country, in often quite radical ways. In this report, the Institute for Public Policy Research set out five powerful trends that will drive change in the 2020s. These include: a demographic tipping point, the economic world order, Brexit and technological transformation.

Together, these trends are going to reshape how we live and work, reorganise our social, economic and political institutions and redistribute power and reward in society.  In the longer term, as machine learning and computing power divorces intelligence from consciousness, as improving health technologies allow for biological enhancements and species divergence, and as the final frontier is conquered by space travel, technological and social transformation will increasingly change what it means to be human.

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