From app developers to cyber-security experts, digital skills are among the most highly prized in today’s labour market. Are companies finding the digital skills they need? Where are the gaps and how are organisations overcoming them? How do senior decision-makers predict the ways in which skills gaps will change over the next three years? This report, combining an executive survey with in-depth expert interviews, asked executives across four industries about the digital skills dynamics shaping their sectors.

Most companies are worried about a looming skills gap. The vast majority (94%) of executives cite a “moderate” or “severe” digital skills gap. Financial services and manufacturing had the largest enterprise-wide skills deficits, while healthcare and retail survey participants were concerned with department-specific shortages. The top reasons for the skills gap were, in order of consensus, insufficient supply of appropriate talent (49%), internal opposition to creating new digital jobs (49%) and lack of clarity over who is responsible for digital talent acquisition (45%). Respondents also worry about digital workers’ lack of interest in their industry (37%).

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