Everywhere you look, leaders in old and new companies are using technology in a wave of supercharged innovation that is creating incredible opportunities. And it’s a business narrative that extends beyond the usual digital suspects (e.g., Google, Facebook, Twitter).


  • By marshalling machine data around its products, processes and value chains, manufacturing titan GE now charts a dynamic future as a software powerhouse.
  • Insurance start-up Oscar issues fitness bands to each customer and then uses the data to reduce costs for healthy behavior. It’s no surprise that customers love the discount.
  • Banking giant JPMorgan Chase is investing billions and partnering with Digital Asset Holdings, a tech start-up, to explore and ameliorate the havoc that blockchains could wreak on trading, loans, payments, investing and overall bank performance.

Thriving in this digital era of promise and uncertainty means increasing the velocity of innovation, experimentation and collaboration. The main engine for this is not some magical technology — it’s talented people.

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