This report on the gig economy from Concur looks at the nuances of the on-the-go economy and the implications for businesses in the future. 

The on-the-go economy is one of the key developments set to redefine and shape the future of business, society and the wider economy in the coming years. It's a concept that extends (via mobile connectivity) from flexible, contingent and remote working to include the sharing economy and the on-demand economy. 

Make no mistake, the on-the-go economy is a universal phenomenon that does and will impact our futures. If in doubt just think about the food and drink sector, which has long embraced our evolving needs for immediacy, convenience and affordability.

In his 2015 book, The Flat White Economy, Douglas McWilliams, President at the Centre for Economics and Business Research, put the coffee shop forward as a WiFi-enabled third space between work and play - a trend that may be accelerated during the upheaval following the recent Brexit referendum. 

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