In this report EY makes it clear that planning makes the key difference between success and disappointment especially as it’s noted that 30 to 50 per cent of initial RPA projects fail.

Software robotics, or robotic process automation (RPA) promises to transform the cost, efficiency and quality of executing many of the back office and customer-acing processes that businesses rely on people to perform.

This is the good news. However, RPA is not without its challenges. EY has delivered RPA projects across 20 countries and are often called upon to help companies when their first attempt failed. While RPA can transform the economics and service level of current manual operations, EY have seen as many as 30 to 50% of initial RPA protects fail. This isn’t a reflection of technology; there are many successful deployments. But there are some common mistakes that will often prevent an organisation from delivering on the promise of RPA.

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