Coincidencity consider a new management paradigm for the future of work in this report.

The future of work means a lot of different things. Mobile, connectivity, social, the internet of things - if you are a tech company, software developer or hardware vendor, you are likely to be excited by the prospects. If you are a lawyer, doctor or accountant, you have reason to worry: research shows that many in these "safe" professions have a 90% likelihood of being replaced by machines in the near future. And if you are on of the 75% of employees who feels demotivated and disengaged at work, you might wonder how many more times you will be change-processed, made lean, culture changed to black belted into six sigma - and how to press the escape button.

If you are a business leader and care about your organisation's purpose, its people and its future, you might wonder if the future of work could be about something different altogether...

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