This Future of Work Commission report, launched by Labour MP Tom Watson, delves into how the UK can deal with the new technological revolution. 

Work is more than simply a factor in the process of production, like capital or land. It isn't just something people do in between leisure, family life and sleep, or just to pay the bills. Good work is part of people's identities. It enriches our lives, and enables us to be fuller and better citizens. It reminds us that we - as individuals, communities, and a society - build our own future.

That means that questions about the future of work - questions about how work is changing - are political questions as well as economic ones. Changes to work cannot be left for market forces alone to shape, or thought of purely as business decisions. They affect all of us. And the governments we elect have a responsibility to make sure that the work and lives of the citizens they represent are enhanced, rather than diminished, by technological innovation. 

The technological revolution is behind some of the most challenging social and economic trends which bear on work in Britain. These trends describe reality now for many people across the UK: falling real wages, increasing inequality and the growth of a vulnerable workforce.

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