The CIPD look at the three main types of emerging technologies - artificial intelligence, robotics and automation technologies - and their effect on the world of work, in this report. 

The impact of technology on jobs and people has been strenuously debated by academics, policy-makers, and commentators. While some, such as Frey, have predicted large-scale job losses, others (Arntz) have challenged this view by suggesting that when a task-based analysis is considered, only 9% of jobs in the OECD economies are potentially automatable. What is clear, however, is that technology will continue to shape the world of work and that policy-makers, academics, researchers, and employers need to get to grips with this changing landscape. 

The purpose of this report is to add evidence to the ongoing debate on how emerging technologies are shaping the world of work, and the ethical issues related to the contemporary usage of these technologies. It summarises the findings of a rapid evidence review that was conducted on the impact of artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation technologies on knowledge and service work and professions.

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