As part of it's 20th annual CEO survey, PwC look at how automation is likely to transform the role of people at work.

Public discontent has been laid bare and at the root of this lies people issues. Income inequality, poor prospects for the young and the ever-growing fear that, one day, our jobs will be taken away – whether it’s by globalised labour or automation – has led to a profound mistrust of ‘the establishment’. Ironically, at a time when technology is taking over the workplace, people power is reaching new heights.

In this digital age, businesses recognise that trustworthiness is the new currency. If they are to attract the people they need – and concern about the availability of skills has never been higher – and coax the best possible performance and productivity from their organisation, they need to have trust on their side. And the momentum is behind them; people hold considerably more trust in business than they do have in government and expect business to lead the way in improving economic and social conditions.

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