Centre for cities offer their annual health check of the 63 largest cities in the UK, with a focus on the impact of increasing automation.

Artificial intelligence, automation and other technological changes are among the biggest economic issues of our age. They featured in the opening remarks of the Chancellor's 2017 Autumn Budget speech and are identified as one of the 'Grand Challenges' in the Government's Industrial Strategy. Politically, the continued fallout from the 2016 EU referendum and ever-increasing globalisation continue to dominate and divide urban Britain.

As well as providing the definitive economic health check of the 63 largest urban areas in the UK, this year's Cities Outlook 2018 gives a picture of urban Britain today - exploring the economic and political divides across  the country and how they relate. It then looks at what the future holds in store for cities, by discussing the potential impact that automation could bring on city economies - and whether or not these divides will be compounded.

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