This report from KPMG, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI and the Big Innovation Centre serves as a guide for those looking to adapt to the future of work and takes a look at the skills needed to carry out the jobs of the future.

Artificial Intelligence, or more commonly known as AI, is one of the most powerful technologies in the history of mankind. Its implications have already proved far-reaching, impacting all of our economies and societies to a great extent. Moving forward, given the scale and speed of AI’s development and deployment, these implications will continue to amplify, spread, and evolve.

Policymakers, in the public and private spheres alike, are under alert. No one knows what the future AI-filled society will look like in ten, twenty, or fifty years, but we do know the transformations will be mind-blowing. The call for us now is to shape policy which will help steer us towards a future we want to live in - one in which the opportunities of AI technologies are realised and distributed across society and business, and the risks and drawbacks are mitigated.

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