This analysis by Centre for London of London’s workforce reveals which jobs and businesses will be most affected by automation, migration and wage pressures, and where new opportunities may arise for London.

London’s economy has been on a roll in recent decades, establishing the city as a leading global centre for finance and business services, cultural industries, higher education and tech. But times are changing: the growth of automation, Brexit and wage pressures are three factors with potential to shake up London’s labour market.

This report undertakes fresh analysis of data on London’s workforce, skills and specialisms in order to consider which jobs and businesses will be most affected. It also reviews the factors that will help the capital adapt to change, and considers the implications for businesses and policymakers.

Automation is expected to affect more and more jobs in coming decades. 

  • Machine learning and mobile robotics are enabling the automation of ever more complex tasks, though the human skills of creativity, dexterity and social intelligence remain more challenging.

  • The cost of robots is falling, by around 10 per cent each year.

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