People analytics is rising up the agenda for organisations globally. With technology providing businesses more and more ways to collect people data, using this information to gain workforce insight, drive business performance and enhance employee experience is expected to grow.

To gain international perspectives on how organisations use people analytics, our recent survey People analytics: driving business performance with people data asked 3,852 business professionals from the UK and Ireland, US, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and South-East Asia their views on how their organisations use people analytics to understand people data (see Figure 1).

This global survey by the CPD finds that HR professionals using people data to tackle significant challenges, with three-quarters (75%) tackling workforce performance and productivity issues using people data. But, the survey also reveals that how and when organisations use people data differs across region. These international focus reports examine how business professionals in the UK and Ireland, MENA, US and SE Asia use people data and compares regional practice.

Read the full report here.