Robotic Process Automation? All well and good. But with the right strategy, tools and know-how, intelligent process automation can accelerate performance and enable real value and ROI, details Cognizant in this report.

You know the hazards of outdated manual processes that impede scale…waste precious human resources…and create inefficiencies and errors that derail performance and profitability. The answer is intelligent process automation. But what to automate? How to automate it? And make it intelligent? Without the right plans, tools and resources, your IPA efforts can cause more harm than good across the enterprise.

Cognizant can help. The IPA solutions they offer, make your processes smarter. They’ll elevate workforce productivity by automating not only mundane tasks but also end-to-end business operations. Combining robotic process automation with machine learning and cognitive technologies to create intelligent operations, they offer IPA solutions that accelerate productivity. The result: streamlined business performance and customer experiences—and more efficient and effective operations. 

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