This report by The Economist Intelligence Unit explores the role of technology in productivity and engagement.

Research suggests that the more engaged employees are in their work, the more likely they are to be productive, self-starting and innovative. Unfortunately, only a minority of employees are actually fully engaged. The push to improve engagement has prompted many organizations to consider the holistic, subjective experience they create for their workers, the so-called employee experience.

But the Economist intelligence unit aimed to figure out the factors which contribute to positive employee experiences. What role, if any, does technology play in shaping employee experiences? And how can companies improve collaborations across divisional silos to create a more productive and engaging experience for their staff?

Research shows that 28% of business executives saw or expected to see a rise in employee innovation due to an improvement in the employee experience. If the mundane is eliminated from a certain role in an organization, it might lead to having more fun at a job - which might take on a different meaning.

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