This report by Raconteur highlights five key ways to avoid digital transformation burnout, helping organisations stay on course with digital transformation projects.

Long considered crucial for any business, many organisations remain in the dark about what ”digital transformation” really entails and means for them. As a result research suggest that digital transformation failures are all too common, with one in four UK projects failing to realise their desired goals.

The Digital Transformation special report, published in The Times covers what augmented reality can do for medicine, what artificial intelligence can do for human resources, and what automation can do for the financial services. It explores the best ways to avoid digital transformation fatigue and examines whether companies really need both a chief information officer and a chief technology officer with these five key steps. Also featured is an infographic charting the most common technology investments and comment on how digitalisation is not simply a project but a state of mind.

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As originally seen in ‘Digital Transformation’ published by Raconteur in The Times on 25th July.