This report by Workhuman emphasizes the increasing importance of the human element in the workplace through analytics and research that showcases pertinent skills and capabilities that AI and RPA will not replace.

Is society headed toward a dystopian future where humans are slowly phased out while robots start controlling our communities, governments, and companies? Potentially – if you buy into science fiction. Even most mainstream media coverage of the “future of work” is focused on fear around artificial intelligence (AI) taking our jobs and the looming skills gap – vaguely theorized from the perspective of analysts and influencers.

Despite this fear-mongering, humans are very much at the heart of the future of work. Technology may take over the more menial tasks, but that’s opening up even more opportunities for companies to leverage the previously untapped creativity and innovation of people – to prioritize humanity and emotional intelligence at work. For humans to thrive, companies need to double down on programs and human applications that enhance trust, appreciation, respect, gratitude, autonomy, and equity

This survey report is designed for anyone invested in humanity at work – giving people leaders and executives a glimpse at the future of work, as told from the perspectives of the humans in our organizations. More than 3,500 full-time workers across the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom were asked what motivates them to do their best work and what fosters the emotional connections binding them to their teams, their managers, and their employers.

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