This recent report from Raconteur explores how the slip-ups by businesses can jeopardise the promised improved efficiency from the industrial adoption of robotic process automation (RPA).

The robot is no stranger to heavy industry, but its virtual co-worker, robotic process automation (RPA), is only just beginning to find a place within the industrial sector. The technology’s clever software robots can fulfill repetitive and time-consuming tasks and offer a multitude of benefits from improved accuracy to cost-savings. However, with RPA failures a common occurrence in its early adoption, it’s clear that the initial implementation of the technology has not proved to be smooth sailing for many businesses.

As robots are increasingly being integrated into society, what changes need to be made in our current system to adapt to this new world? The Robotics & Automation special report, published in The Times, covers the growing ethical and economic questions surrounding an automated future. It examines if robots should be expected to make ethical decisions, why automation isn’t an automatic success, and how the future of medicine will be almost unrecognizable. Also featured in an info-graphic charting how companies will shape the wider business landscape through the preparation of their workforce.

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As originally seen in ‘Robotics & Automation’ published by Raconteur in The Times on 18th September.