We recently published the last in the series of seven articles written for the Hub by consultant and coach, Finn Jackson, examining the future of leadership in a changing world.  Over the course of the series, these articles consider the future of leadership and offers an approach explicitly designed for the volatile, complex and uncertain economies we operate in today.  All the articles in the series can be accessed below.


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Finn Jackson is a consultant and coach who helps clients generate lasting solutions to issues of strategy, leadership, and change.

His first book, The Escher Cycle , was called “A unified theory of business” and “A blueprint for winning any game your business chooses to play.”

His second book, The Churning, Inner Leadership, has been called “The inspiring manual to improve our VUCAbility,” “A book which should be on every change-maker’s bookshelf,” and “an ethical framework for business decision makers, based on emotional maturity.”