In this blog, we share our post-event thoughts and a video of our panel’s reflections and insights, following our annual Future of Work Hub conference.

“We all called to be architects of the future, not its victims” - R Buckminster Fuller, Futurist

It was in this spirit that we hosted our technology and people analytics focused Future of Work Hub event in October, in the fantastic location of the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden.  Here we share some post-event thoughts on the keynote speech, together with a video taken immediately after the event which captures insights from a number of our panel members.

Daniel Susskind - key note presentation “The impact of technology on the world of work”


We were delighted to welcome Daniel Susskind as our keynote speaker.  He began by reminding us that anxiety about the impact of automation on work and society is not a new phenomenon. By taking the audience on a thoughtful and entertaining journey through history, Daniel demonstrated that this anxiety has existed from the times of Plato, Aristotle and Di Vinci to the present debates highlighted by Stephen Hawking and other figures in the public eye.  What makes the debate increasingly pressing at the current time, however, is the convergence of four factors which are accelerating the technological impact on the world of work, highlighted on the slide below.

daniel 2.jpg

Daniel's keynote was a powerful and thought-provoking start to a stimulating evening of discussion. It was interesting to reflect that a number of the themes raised in the keynote were developed in the subsequent people analytics panel discussion - most notably in relation to the key areas Daniel identified for employers and government to take action over the coming years: addressing the education and skills gap, ensuring transparency and trust and engaging with the moral and ethical debate.

Panel discussion “Harnessing people analytics”


In an increasingly technology and data-driven world of work, interest in people analytics is accelerating dramatically. This was apparent in the discussion at the event, not only between our panellists but also with the audience. These discussions were wide-ranging and included what organisations are currently using people analytics for to increase impact in the business, what the future innovations are likely to be and the emerging risks and ethical debate.  

Watch our video round-up featuring David Green, Sebastian Rudolph and Edward Houghton.

You can watch our video by clicking the image below.