The world of work in the UK is changing at a faster and faster rate. Based on current trends it will be very different in 2030 compared with what it looks like now.

While we can’t predict the future, it seems increasingly likely that technology will pervade all aspects of the workplace. Arriving to work on your hoverboard may remain science fiction, but many workplaces are likely to become ‘virtual’ with workers using technology to interact seamlessly from any location.

One major implication of this is that individuals will need to have far more autonomy and flexibility in their working life. Being capable of managing projects and workloads is likely to become an essential skill for most workers.

Alongside this we can see a clear trend towards individuals needing to take greaterresponsibility for acquiring and updating their skills. This will be essential if people are to progress in their work and meet their career aspirations. That’s why building a solid foundation at an early stage is critical, and why it’s vital that young people have the best understanding possible of the job market so that they can choose the right career pathway for them.

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How will (or has) technology affected your workplace or industry?  What skills do you think are important in this changing landscape?  Share your thoughts about careers of the future using the comments section below.

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