These are exciting and frightening times for professionals in HR and in other human capital roles. We are all challenged globally to respond to the rapidly changing world around us. I am privileged to serve as president of the World Federation of People Management Associations, representing more than 90 national human resource associations and more than 600,000 people management professionals. In this role, I see many global trends that will reshape our professional and personal world. These trends are influencing, and will continue to influence, the role of HR and human capital practices in organisations, whether they are private sector, government, NGOs, or non-profits.

For example, leaders in almost every country are facing shifting demographic trends, including five generations simultaneously in the workforce for the first time, the ever-expanding roles of women and minorities in organisations, and an ageing population in many industries and locales. These undeniable trends are occurring amid geopolitical shifts, unprecedented economic challenges in many regions, and unstoppable acceleration in technological innovation. And, no part of the world today can survive without increasing innovation, collaboration, and productivity.

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