The way we work today is fundamentally different than how we worked a decade ago.   Gone are the days when employees would work 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, and only within the four walls of the office.  Thanks to leaps in technology, businesses now run 24/7 from anywhere and everywhere. 

Flexible workplaces are becoming the norm.  Employees are increasingly seeking flexibility in when, where and how they work. This growing demand is rooted in shifts in workplace demographics, accompanied by changing expectations of work-life integration.   For example, the percentage of dual-income households in Australia has increased from 40% in 1983 to nearly 60% in 2013.  We have seen the percentage of working mothers with children under the age of 18 increase by 6% in the past decade.  The ageing population means employees are staying in the workplace longer, often in a more flexible capacity. 

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