There is a massive chasm in today’s workplace environment for technology that optimizes the ever-changing, continuously moving workforce. For many businesses, the cost of their people, their workspace and office technology are three of their largest expenses so, to minimise wasted
time and money, companies are searching for solutions that can seamlessly integrate with what they have to optimise their workspace and tech to get the highest productivity from their employees.

Every year, General Electric (GE) assembles a global community of developers, industry luminaries, and technology thought leaders, as well as some of GE’s partners and top customers, to explore the digital transformation of industry, leading-edge technological trends and the
companies spearheading those trends, the state of the Industrial Internet, and what this means for your business. And in 2016, the focus of GE’s premier event—aptly named Minds + Machines—was on software, innovation and the most powerful digital industrial outcomes.

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