This report from the World Economic Forum looks at human talent and proposes a new benchmark for leaders to build the workforces of the future.

Human capital is a key factor for growth, development and competitiveness. This link works through multiple pathways at the individual, firm and national level. Learning and working provide people with livelihoods, an opportunity to contribute to their societies and often, meaning and identity. Workers' skills lead to productivity and innovation in companies. At the national level, equality of opportunity in education and employment contribute to economic development and positive social and political outcomes. 

The Global Human Capital Index featured in this report aims to provide a holistic assessment of a country’s human capital—both current and expected—across its population. It enables effective comparisons across regions, generations and income groups. The methodology behind the rankings is intended to serve as a basis for time-series analysis that allows countries to track progress, relative to their own performance as well as that of others.

By “human capital” we mean the knowledge and skills people possess that enable them to create value in the global economic system.

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